Making the Right Choice!

When I was 12 years old, an Indian game show was introduced on television – Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. The game show involved contestants answering a series of multiple choice questions, on their way to the top, to win the ultimate prize of one crore rupees.

The suspense –  Would the contestant select the right choice? If yes, it would lead to a cash prize and the contestant would move forward covering the stages, to  finally win one crore rupees , whereas  wrong choice would lead to disappointment and him/her leaving the game.

When one observes   closely, one realizes that life is similar to this game show with different stages. Every stage has its own set of choices. The choices we make, sets  our direction in life and chalks out our future.

No one else can make the choices for us. Having said that, there is nothing more important than making the right choice, since one needs to deal with the consequences of the same.

Life as a choice

Assimilate the available information

In order to make any decision, one needs to gather all necessary information available about the situation. Ask yourself questions like – what circumstances are you facing? Who are involved ? When did this happen? What would be the possible outcome? Are you equipped to deal with outcome? Finding the answers to these questions will provide you the confidence to decide. Many a times, indecision is a result of lack of information.

Identify options

Once the situation is understood, identify the available options.  Sometimes , the options are many and sometimes  few. What would one do in case of a no option scenario? The best suggestion would be to create the option! As  the quote says, “ Where there is a will , there is way.”

Often times, we come across different ideas, both simple and complicated. Do not overlook any idea. The most outrageous idea can serve as the best available option.

Measure pros and cons

Once we have a basketful of options available, it is time we weigh the pros and cons of each. Every option can have its own advantages and disadvantages .  Assessing these helps us identify the consequences of selecting the respective option.

Take the risk

There are no guarantees that the decisions you take will always be right. Until one decides, one cannot assess the correctness of the action and the consequences of the same.

It is true that a wrong decision can lead to a lost opportunity but this failure can also be a stepping stone to success. Most importantly, not making a choice in itself is a decision and can have consequences.

Hence, take the risk, but do not decide in a haphazard manner.

Make the decision

Trust yourself and make the decision. Select the choice that best suits your purpose and leads you on your path to success and happiness. There are too many possibilities that can emerge from the choice you made. Embrace them, good or bad and do not regret the outcome.


“ Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances,  losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing that people can change..”

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