12 Chapters of 2017

6eacc4aeec423644287b1d075193c149Finally, 2017 is at an end and 2018 is around the corner. This is the time when we reflect upon the experiences in the year gone by and promise to avoid mistakes made in the past.

Resolutions are made, Priorities are set as we welcome a new year to our life.

Having said this, I have taken a moment to understand a few lessons learnt in the last year. I would like to share them with you as well:

  1. Personal time is important. Invest in exercising for at least 20 minutes each day.
  2. Pursue progress instead of perfection.
  3. Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it.
  4. Be ready for change, its hard in the beginning but the outcome is fruitful.
  5. Hard work and determination work hand in hand to provide the success you deserve. Once you decide, give it all you can.
  6. Strive to learn a new skill every day. It will open up many opportunities for you.
  7. Celebrate small wins. It paves the way for a greater victory.
  8. Let go of the past and embrace your future.
  9. Make people around you happy. There is nothing better than being a source of joy for someone.
  10. Fill your life with positivity and optimism.
  11. People crave for honesty and transparency. Give them just that. It takes 30 years to build a reputation and 30 seconds to lose it.

And Lastly…

      12. Be a lion..never a sheep. Be a winner, not a victim.

Each year is made up of 12 chapters with 365 chances. One chance, one opportunity for each day that we live. So grab the opportunities  and start a new chapter in the year to come.

As they say:

“ Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.”

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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