The Unknown Fear

A fear grips me, consumes me, Comes a feeling of unpleasantness. A premonition, an intuition, Of  the dread unknown. My heart beats wildly, As I go deeper into the darkness alone. Looking for the shining light, That would take me far from the doom. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Reading – My First Love

Books have always had the power to make one creative, expand their horizon and give one the power of imagination. It is often said that one should read for at least 30 minutes a day. It helps to relax the mind and get away from the daily dreary routine. Reading also has the power of... Continue Reading →

A Dream turned into Reality

Dreaming big, aiming high, Through my astral vision, reaching for the sky. Flying high, hoping for the best, Whilst, he the Great the One, takes care of the rest. My spirit is not dampened, passionate as I am, Not stopping on the path full of obstacles. With courage and determination, I travel along, Having blessings... Continue Reading →

A Trail with Mother Nature

Mother Nature, sweetest of all, Loving and caring to one and all. Embracing each child as her own, Guiding each one on the path unknown. Be it ocean, forest or hill, She makes you conversant, gives the feel. Travelling through the woods, in the midst of nowhere, A quiet walk with her, soothing our soul,... Continue Reading →

To Relax and Unwind

As quoted, "The capacity to learn is a gift,the ability to learn is skill and the willingness to learn is choice." It is always fun to learn something new. I have always assayed to dabble into different activities. Every time a weekend is near, I would look forward to the things I would try out... Continue Reading →

Past, Present or Future?

Today's word prompt "Present" raises many questions in my mind. Questions like,"Are we living in the present?", "Are we guilty of thinking of the past over and over again?" "Are we constantly planning our future?", "Are we so addicted to our newly found toys- MOBILE PHONES, that we do not realize as each day goes... Continue Reading →

An Evening Well Spent!

So it was Valentine's day yesterday. A day that lets you celebrate the love that you have for each other. A week before of 14th  February 2018, my hubby was dropping subtle hints that he was planning something special. Like all the girls around, even I love surprises and was looking forward to what my... Continue Reading →

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is an inspiring read. I read this during my preparations for MBA entrance exams.   It is books like these that make us realize that, even in the lowest periods of life one can always stand tall and face the difficulties with strength and a strong resolve to deal... Continue Reading →

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