Past, Present or Future?

Image result for living life in the presentToday’s word prompt “Present” raises many questions in my mind. Questions like,”Are we living in the present?”, “Are we guilty of thinking of the past over and over again?” “Are we constantly planning our future?”, “Are we so addicted to our newly found toys- MOBILE PHONES, that we do not realize as each day goes by?”

Most of our elderly people keep telling us that we should learn to live in the present, live life as it comes and enjoy the small joys that it offers. But, it has become difficult in this world of mobile phones. Agreed, that with the entry of mobiles/smart phones in our lives,we have been able to connect a lot with others, especially with social media apps. But, it has also caused, a somewhat disconnect with people around us everyday. Every invention or a new product has its pros and cons, mostly based on the way we use it.

Nowadays, we constantly observe everyone on their smartphones, either chatting, or taking selfies or uploading photos to a social media site. Taking photographs/selfies is a good thing. But, today, we are more involved in capturing the moments than enjoying them to the fullest. Memories are captured and uploaded on social media sites. The number of likes and comments on these memories are measured by each individual.

As said by Alexis Ohanian,

“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.”

Hence, enjoy your time with your family, friends and colleagues. Treasure good memories and live each day to make happier ones. Live your present to make way for a brighter future.


” Don’t live life in, What was…” or What will be…”, Live lie in, “What it is…!”

2 thoughts on “Past, Present or Future?

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  1. Hmm. reading your blog makes me think of the time when I travel in public transport. Everyone is busy with their smart phones with earplugs. Pin-drop silence, just the sound of the train moving. It really feels that people are not going to be aware of others even when the other person is being robbed.
    Don’t know where the world is going to.. a big question mark.


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