Shining Bright-A Diamond Always!

” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

As a kid, I used to wonder what this really means and why a diamond would be of such importance in a girl’s life. When I was older, I realized it was a mere statement that symbolizes a romantic proposal between a girl and a boy.

Every girl dreams of a prince charming who will go down on his knees and propose to her , ask her to be his princess and be together for the rest of their lives. A ring encrusted with diamonds is symbolic of the love between them.

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Diamonds are identified with love. It is said “True love is like a diamond.It is rare, beautiful and lasts forever.”

It is all about the one person that we meet and feel a magnetic pull towards them. Love is a profound feeling and conquers all negativity around us.

Every diamond has flaws – inclusions and imperfections that make it more beautiful to the beholder. Likewise, loving someone also means that you accept the person with all their faults, failures and see the perfection in their imperfections.

Being rare, it is said, that ” Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter.” It symbolizes the fact that one should learn to treasure their loved ones and not lose them over temporary happiness and glory.

Also, diamonds are nothing but chunks of coal that  stood out well under pressure. Once polished and cut,  a rough stone turns into a well faceted gem. Similarly, it is not until you go through the rough times and withstand the pressure, that you turn out to be a true gem of an individual.


“Be like a diamond, precious and rare,not a rough stone found everywhere.”

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