To Relax and Unwind

As quoted, “The capacity to learn is a gift,the ability to learn is skill and the willingness to learn is choice.”

It is always fun to learn something new. I have always assayed to dabble into different activities. Every time a weekend is near, I would look forward to the things I would try out then. I would call them my weekend activities and they are as follows:

Reliving Art
Image result for mixing colors on canvasIt is always fun to try something different. I enjoy anything related to art, have tried various forms of sketching, canvas painting or charcoal.

The blending of different shades, the raw texture of charcoal, and the final outcome when the painting or sketch comes alive , is what gives the thrill to continue doing it.

Cooking and creativity

Image result for cooking and artI have never loved cooking. It was never my thing. As a child, I would stay away from the kitchen. But, once I was married, I took it up. When you have a husband who is an ultimate foodie and a good cook as well, you learn to take up cooking and enjoy it.  

In my early days, he and a website named “Hebbar’s Kitchen”  helped me a lot. I would look up new recipes and try it out on weekends.  Starting from the easier ones like, I moved on to the more difficult ones. Cooking is also an art and one has to be creative in it. All the ingredients need to be added in just the right amount. 

Music and relaxation

“Music is the strongest form of magic”

Related imageI was drawn to music right from my childhood. My mother, being a harmonium player herself, enrolled me to music classes, where I learnt to play the harmonium. Music is an escape from the daily routine that helps you to unwind. I would play harmonium for the longest of hours.

Be it classical or western, if it is good to the ears, one enjoys it. A song comes alive when the music and the lyrics come together and blend well. Sometimes, the lyrics of the song mean so much and you relate to it.

Access your Relaxation 

Hence, one should always identify their pull towards any new skill and move in that direction. If it gives the required peace of mind and the right amount of relaxation, its worth getting into.

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