A Trail with Mother Nature


Mother Nature, sweetest of all,

Loving and caring to one and all.

Embracing each child as her own,

Guiding each one on the path unknown.

Be it ocean, forest or hill,

She makes you conversant, gives the feel.

Travelling through the woods, in the midst of nowhere,

A quiet walk with her, soothing our soul, showing her flair.

And as the raindrops make their way,

With the leafy shade, she gives you a humble abode to stay.

Dancing in the rain, on the tunes of the universe,

A peacock enters, giving a friendly wave.

The sun shines, as it pours,

A spectral rainbow appears, parading through the clouds.

Oh, Mother Nature, how much you offer to us all,

Pacifying the sufferers, giving spirit to one and all.

©2018 Shreya Shah

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