My Dear Diary

The pleasures of writing, A vent out for all the emotions, It helps to give, A fitting end to an exhausting day. A friend it has been to me, All these years around, Treasuring all the special moments, Indeed a keeper of secrets. Absorbing my teardrops, Helping to stay composed, It stood by me, Through... Continue Reading →

For My Angel

I understand life today, As I feel you grow inside me, As I realize now, That I would love you the most. The days are coming to an end, As I look forward to our bundle of joy, Can't wait to hold you in my arms, Cuddle you near to me. Looking forward  I am,... Continue Reading →

A Quartet of Sounds

The stage is set, The auditorium is filling up, Getting ready, For the greatest show ever. The musical ensemble arrive, A stillness and silence awaits, As they begin to play, The musical notes. The quartet of sounds resonates, Reflecting the power of music, Creating a soothing effect, Releasing the pain within. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Explore Yourself

Sometimes, as individuals we forget to allow life to follow its own pace. Caught up in our daily routine, we believe in micro-managing every situation and having the outcome as per our needs. In doing so, we give up on the surprises that life has to offer. From an early age, a habit has been... Continue Reading →

The Loss of Innocence

There is joy all around, Celebrations are underway, For she is come of age, "It is time" , Her father announces, Her mother timidly agrees, As she looks in those innocent eyes. A date is set and the groom is ready, Preparations are on for the day ahead, Observing herself in the mirror, She admires... Continue Reading →

An Unconditional Promise

Like a swallow, Ready to travel the great distance, He gets onto the ship, At the dockyard. She starts for the ocean, And his loved ones wave at him, Till he fade in the horizon, Gone from their sight. As she drifts on the gigantic ocean waves, Adjusting her sails to the blowing wind, He... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Stepping into a foreign land, Unfamiliar faces welcome me, The wind blowing  in different direction, As I enter a new city. A beginning of a new life, Full of opportunities and good times, New friends and acquaintances, At a place that I would call "my home". Hoping to treasure all moments, Both the good and... Continue Reading →

My Lucky Charm

Dedicated to my mother - Love you Mom! A happiness builds within me, As I have her support and guidance, Ridding me of all the anxiety, And doubts surfacing in my mind. A confidence builds up, I know nothing can go wrong, She is there to protect me, An angel sent by God. She brought... Continue Reading →

World Poetry Day

A very Happy World Poetry Day to all! Today's blog is dedicated to all poetry lovers. I look for a key theme, A rhyme of similar sounds, An invisible force guiding me, As words come together. The stanzas form in front of me, Powerful and enticing they seem, A visual is created instantly, As the... Continue Reading →

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