My Dear Diary

The pleasures of writing, A vent out for all the emotions, It helps to give, A fitting end to an exhausting day.   A friend it has been to me, All these years around, Treasuring all the special moments, Indeed a keeper of secrets.   Absorbing my teardrops, Helping to stay composed, It stood by … Continue reading My Dear Diary

For My Angel

I understand life today, As I feel you grow inside me, As I realize now, That I would love you the most.   The days are coming to an end, As I look forward to our bundle of joy, Can't wait to hold you in my arms, Cuddle you near to me.   Looking forward … Continue reading For My Angel

New Beginnings

Stepping into a foreign land, Unfamiliar faces welcome me, The wind blowing¬† in different direction, As I enter a new city.   A beginning of a new life, Full of opportunities and good times, New friends and acquaintances, At a place that I would call "my home".   Hoping to treasure all moments, Both the … Continue reading New Beginnings

Nomination for “Versatile Blogger Award”

Hello Everyone! I received a pleasant surprise this morning.I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Frankly, I double-checked if what I was reading was actually true. It wasn't something that I had expected. Thank you so much ¬†for nominating me. It is an honor to be nominated for this award. The rules of … Continue reading Nomination for “Versatile Blogger Award”