The Strong, Empowered Woman

Image result for free woman

Strong, confident, empowered,

The women of today.

Walking onwards with zeal and passion,

Answering to those who underestimate her power.


Daddy’s little girl, with dreams in her eyes,

He protects her from the world outside.

Mother’s best friend, her partner in all,

Loving her like no one, she is her favorite doll.


A caring sister,a confidante for her sibling,

She stands by them against all odds.

Pillar of support and an anchor she is,

To the man in her life, most important of all.


So many facets she has in her life,

With smooth transition to each one everytime.

Lighting up each home on her path,

She is indeed a gem too precious to lose in one’s life.


A fact it is for each one to hear,

A duty lays on our shoulders.

Love, care, protection is all that she demands,

A gift we must give to a lady so grand.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Women’s Day!


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