An Uncompromising Attitude

Related imageMany a times, we come across situations in life where we are stuck at odds and need to take a decision. The decision or choice that needs to be taken may not be favor, it may be a compromise. Our mind may not want to accept it and is unwilling of it. At such times, we also come across advice from various sections of the society to compromise and settle the situation.

I wonder at such times, is it worth giving in each time. They say, “Life is a compromise between feelings and reality.”, but one should analyze the situation and the possible outcomes and its impact on our lives in the long run before coming to any decision.

One should maintain an uncompromising attitude towards their values, principles and ethics and not move away from them at any point in their lives. Any decision that we take sometimes makes a small impact whereas sometimes changes the course of our life altogether. It is up to us to take control and not let go of the flow.

As quoted by Azim Premji,

“Character is one factor that guides all our actions and decisions. We invested in uncompromising integrity that helped us take difficult stands in some of most difficult business situations.”



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