Emoticon – My Key to Expression

Entitled to different emotions, have you ever wondered the different expressions that one gives away each day?

An emotion is a strong feeling like happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger that one gives away, when in any situation.Circumstances every moment provoke within us different feelings every moment of every day.


With the advent of various social media applications, we are capable of emoting through text messages sent online as well. These are called as emoticons. Emoticon is a phrase made with mixture of two words “emotions” and “icons”.

When emoticons came into existence, they were initially made of special characters like a happy emotion is depicted as “:)” and sad emotion is depicted as “:(“. But with technological advances, we now have small colored icons that can actually depict our mood.

Image result for emojis

We never realized how and when these cute emojis became a significant part of our daily lives. Not a single text message is without these emojis now. Whether it be showing expressions of love , joy, surprise, shock or anger, it is done through them. Emojis include smileys,people, food, drinks, country flags and many more icons.

People have started chatting in what is called the “Emoticon” language and it is lots of fun.Every emoji calls out to you to “Express Yourself”.

As quoted,

” Do not be afraid to express yourself as you are the gatekeeper that holds the key to your thoughts and feelings.”

So use the emojis more often  because they speak louder than words!! 🙂






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