The Loss of Innocence

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There is joy all around,

Celebrations are underway,

For she is come of age,

“It is time” , Her father announces,

Her mother timidly agrees,

As she looks in those innocent eyes.

A date is set and the groom is ready,

Preparations are on for the day ahead,

Observing herself in the mirror,

She admires the beautiful dress and jewellery,

Wondering about the faceless stranger,

She would spend her life with.

Her books are packed away,

“She won’t need them anymore”,they say,

Ignorant she is of what will be left behind,

Her playful games and her carefree ways,

To a stranger’s home she travels,

As she leaves her childhood days.

Scared of the change coming forth,

She yearns for her mother’s love,

Missing her musty books,

And the good old school days,

She realizes that her innocence is lost,

And a difficult life lays ahead.


©2018 Shreya Shah

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