The Perfect Selfie

The perfect pout, The head tilted sideways, The hand on her waist, The flying kiss, An effort she makes, To get the perfect click. A hundred clicks are underway, Each identical to the one before, To get the right pose, In the right lights, A performance is on, As she poses yet again. A light... Continue Reading →

The First Date

One glance is all its takes, For her eyes to twinkle, For the color to fill her cheeks, As she blushes and feels shy. Her fingers keep fidgeting, With a slight nervousness, She finds him looking at her, From the corner of his eye. Moving his hand on the coffee table, He places it over... Continue Reading →

A Proposal

An evening so beautiful, A serene atmosphere, Under the skylights, On the bridge he stood, Patiently waiting, For his beloved. She arrived thereafter, Looking radiant and pretty, Leaving him awestruck, And blown away, Like a knight in shining armour, He stood for his lady in red. She walked towards him, With bated breath, Blushing and... Continue Reading →

Path to Destiny

A destiny is written by the Almighty, A path is carved with obstacles in between, A dream you see while treading the path, Building your courage to see the plan through. Incubate your destiny, Dare to dream the impossible, Do not give into disappointments, For the hurdles will pass. Keep your faith, Break away from... Continue Reading →

Live, Smile, Love

Let your eyes twinkle, Let your face brighten up, Don't live in the past, Don't wait for tomorrow, Live each day to the fullest, For you live only once. Let your smile show more often, Don't worry about the wrinkles, The creases and lines define you, Keep the fear away, Don't let them distract you,... Continue Reading →

Emoticon – My Key to Expression

Entitled to different emotions, have you ever wondered the different expressions that one gives away each day? An emotion is a strong feeling like happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger that one gives away, when in any situation.Circumstances every moment provoke within us different feelings every moment of every day. EMOTICONS With the advent of various... Continue Reading →

The Silence of the Waves

The waves are crashing on the shore, The trees are moving in the wind, The sand cools on the beach, As the sun sets, giving way to the cool breeze. There is chaos in the calm atmosphere, There is noise in the silence, There is rhythm in the rushing waves, Find the side to which... Continue Reading →

Road to Happiness

Take a moment from the daily drill, Look around yourself, Observe the people surrounding you, Enjoy the silence for once, Grasp the happiness that you receive, From the little but momentary events around you. There are moments of sadness, There are moments of happiness, Let the gloomy moments pass, Stay calm and patient, Be cheerful... Continue Reading →

The Lost Woods

Meandering through the woods, Amongst the tall trees, Under the clear blue sky, Truly blessed I feel. Surrounded by trees and shrubs, With birds calling out in various directions, The colors of spirit beckon me, Moving forward in their direction. The sun shines clearly, Flowers are blooming all around, Looking deep within my soul, A... Continue Reading →

An Uncompromising Attitude

Many a times, we come across situations in life where we are stuck at odds and need to take a decision. The decision or choice that needs to be taken may not be favor, it may be a compromise. Our mind may not want to accept it and is unwilling of it. At such times,... Continue Reading →

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