Soft Skills – An Essential Need

Communicating well - An essential skill required these days. We often hear that one should have good soft skills. But, what are soft skills really? Soft skills are just a combination of people skills, social skills, character traits that help one communicate effectively to another. One should have the ability to elaborate well and get... Continue Reading →


Chances come and go, Miss the first, And the second appears, Courage and determination, Is all it takes to grab each one, Coming your way.   Don't regret for the ones, You didn't take, May Almighty bestow the strength, To continue trying away, Don't wait, don't  falter, The outcome will be as you say.  ... Continue Reading →

Always by my Side

Days are passing by, With you by my side, All hopes and dreams, Come true by all means.   Partaking life's sweet pleasures, Smiling all along like no other, The glow in our hearts, Reflected through our soul.

Life with Genie

Wish I had a Genie, To make all dreams come true, It would have been so easy, To have the best of views. Caressing the lamp, I would call upon him, To fill in all the blanks, And make life less grim. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Being Carefree

Be without care today, Why fret until you hair is grey, Don't think about tomorrow, Learn to forget all sorrows. Make new friends each day, Always be happy and gay, Live and cherish each moment, All laughter and amusement. ©2018 Shreya Shah

To the Summer Times

Is it the weather, That makes me feel no better? Too hot it is I say, The sun keeps glaring away. Oh, the mood swings, Being cranky is not my thing, In want of some shade, And even some cool lemonade. Dedicating this blog to the hot summers and the cold ice-creams that go with... Continue Reading →

My Series Binge

No better start than Friends, All seasons till the end, Moving on to How I met your Mother, One of the "Legendary" series like no other. Enters the dark Vampire diaries, Oh, please do not have any worries, For the dangerous Originals arrive, Klaus please keep everyone alive. Going forward to Breaking bad, To keep... Continue Reading →

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