The Rant of a Teenager – #Part1

Confused, angry and depressed! Yes, that’s what I feel as my hormones take control and get the better of me.

You might be wondering what this is all really about. Well, to begin with, as my mom says, I have entered the most troublesome years of my life – “TEENS”.  I am told that during these years, I will go through a lot of emotions, would become rebellious and cause too much trouble for my parents. And I feel rightly so, as I come across the first of the many arguments that are expected to happen with my dad.

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Well, let’s first get to the background of it. My friends in school are planning a picnic which includes a night trek and a campfire. Most of them have got permissions from their parents as the same dreadful task looms ahead of me.

My dad is usually laid-back and a funny guy. But, lately he has been having trouble handling my teen life. Its an early morning and he is ready for his breakfast as he reads the newspaper. My friends have told me that it would be best to lighten up the atmosphere before coming to the main point. I do just that as I sit next to him and have a friendly chat.

So let me tell you this, our parents are a very intelligent lot. They always sense what is coming and my dad knows that I am up to something. He says,” Son, you are putting a lot of effort today. Why don’t you just come to the point?”

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I am stumped by his reaction as I gather all the courage that I have left and ask him, Dad, my friends in school are planning a night trek and a campfire. It will be on Friday evening and I will be home on Sunday. Can I go?” 

Surprisingly he seems calm. He takes a moment and answers, ” Your final exams are drawing near and I thought you would be studying this weekend. It would be best if you would do that and have the picnic post exams.”

Hearing this, I am disappointed. In such moments, my inner voice tends to take control as I try hitting out and being polite with my dad at the same time. I say, “Dad, I have almost completed my studies and can take this weekend off. After coming back I will revise again and make sure that I get good marks in my final exams. Please can I go? You have said right that now I am old enough and should be responsible. It’s the time of my life when I should go out and explore and have fun. Can’t I just do that?”

He replied, “I  think it would be best that you stay home and study. This is final and there will be no more talk over this.”

As usual I got angry and stalked out of the room. Why is it that our parents conveniently treat us as kids when they feel like and then sometimes tell us to be responsible since we are old. It is so confusing. If I am old enough and should not depend on Ma for my everyday work,  ain’t I old enough to take my own decisions!

In such moments, my thoughts and feelings are swirling within me. These are troublesome times indeed and life is so complicated, isn’t it? Ma says that this will be a short phase of my life and I will get over it.

Well, hope so! It is just depressing to know that I am neither a child nor an adult.


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