Teen Love – #Part2

Oh no, I can’t understand what I am feeling nowadays. Ever since I have seen her, I cannot sleep at night. I keep thinking of her all the time, wondering whether she might be thinking of me as well. But, how is that possible? She does not even know me. 

These mood swings that I recently have are something that I cannot understand. My heart races when I see her and I long to sit next to her, hear her talk non-stop whereas when she leaves for home, I feel helpless and sad to know that I cannot be with her.

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Well , let’s get to the beginning of it. Both of us were in the same school since kindergarten. Back then, I barely noticed her. She was just a classmate and I would enjoy playing pranks on her, hiding her bag, pulling her ponytail. It would annoy her but we friends would have a good laugh.

The First Sight

As years went by, we drifted apart and both of us had a different circle of friends. Now, both of us are in high school and share the same classes. It was on the first day of school, post summer holidays that I noticed her walking towards class. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful. As she turned, few locks of hair fell in front of her eyes. I couldn’t understand why suddenly, I felt attracted to her. I had known her since we were kids.

From that day on, I would always look forward to go to school, just so that I could see her. Was this signs of my first love? I started listening to songs like Pehla Nasha and watching silly romcom movies, trying to get some motivation from them. My friends found it strange that I would suddenly drift out of conversation as she walked past us.

The Mission 

When my friends came to know, they started to tease me and asked me to go and talk to her. I wonder now whether I can actually do that? My stomach churns with nervousness as I am coaxed into taking up this big mission.

A mission to go talk to her, to let her know that I exist. Well, I don’t know whether I can pull it off. Do you guys think I can?


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