Teen Troubles – #Part3

Final exams are drawing nearer. My parents, especially dad has been keeping an eye on me, making sure that I am not wasting time and studying well. My dad has been keeping high hopes from me. He wants me to enroll for medical science and become a doctor today. I love painting and photography and have always fantasized of capturing the surrounding scenery in my canvas or camera. But, dad feels that once I become a doctor, my future would be secure.

In my Dreams

Guess what though, I am neither thinking of medical nor painting/photography. Right now, my thoughts are only for my crush in school. I long to see her everyday. As you all know, my friends want me to go and talk to her. I can’t believe it but I am practicing my so-called speech for her everyday.

I am in a huge dilemma and cannot decide, when would be a good time to talk to her. Should it be in the morning when she comes to school or should it be during lunch time or when we are leaving for home. Either way, she is always surrounded by her girl-friends. Really, I don’t understand what’s with these girls. Why do they have to always be together? Do they not require some time alone.?

Back to Reality

Whilst I am thinking about ways of approaching my first love, my dad walks in on me. Lost in my happy thoughts, I do not notice him standing near my study table? This is also one quality that every parents in this world seems to have, to catch their kid when they are up to no good!

As usual my dad clears his throat and I snap back to reality. Fixing me with a frigid stare, he asks, “Were you imagining giving your exams, unprepared?”

Like always, he is successful in being the sarcastic one and let me tell you this, I am always at loss to find a suitable reply for his fantastic questions. But, I manage a reply. I reply,“Dad, I have been studying for two hours straight. So I thought that a break was needed. Also, if I watched TV or listened to music, it would be difficult to get back to studies. So I thought it would be better to use this break to plan out my studies for next week.”

Hearing this, my dad smiled and said, ” Keep it up, Son!” I could not believe my ears and congratulated myself.

So, let me get this straight. I have two important exams to give.

  1. Final exams
  2. Mission “Talking to my crush for the first time.”

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