Circle of Life


  • Froth at the top, dregs at the bottom, middle is excellent” 

Describing life in a nutshell, doesn’t it?

At the beginning of our life, we are pampered as babies and are treated to the best of everything. The first few bubbles are taking the first steps, saying the first words, each movement recorded by our parents. It is a difficult  and a bumpy ride for our parents, especially in the first few months.  But as we grow older, we learn to carve our own future and enjoy all moments that come during this excursion, until the end.

  • ” Never take life too seriously. Let it flow.”

It is true though, isn’t it? When faced with problems, we should learn to just slide through it but usually when there is a problem, it looms in front of us as a huge monster and we forget to notice the tiny ray of light passing through the side. Isn’t that the catch and most of us fail to notice it because we are busy staring at the big dark monster in front of us.

  • “Being human”

You might be wondering why is it so important to focus on this. Aren’t we all humans? But it is observed lately, that due to the circumstances faced by each one of us and the constant requirement of being “PRACTICAL” has made us lose the emotional quotient within us.The constant need to have the perfect life has clouded our judgement. Whenever we come across any situation, we tend to weigh the pros and cons and analyse it practically without considering the humane side of it.

It is necessary to remember,

“Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice to be made by us.” 


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