The Race to Finish

A fancy plan is made, The chart to completion is laid, The team is ready and set, To perform the test. Get,set and go, As the starting whistle blows, Putting your mind to the test, Let's solve this fastest. A problem looms in the middle, The answer to this seems a puzzle, As the team's... Continue Reading →

Circle of Life

" Froth at the top, dregs at the bottom, middle is excellent"  Describing life in a nutshell, doesn't it? At the beginning of our life, we are pampered as babies and are treated to the best of everything. The first few bubbles are taking the first steps, saying the first words, each movement recorded by... Continue Reading →

The Walk Towards Light

I see the white light, Indeed a true delight, Like a luminescent force, Fulfilling life's course. The ray of light passes, Through the darkest of times, My heart starts glowing, Feeling divine. Seize the chance now, Says my inner voice, To walk out today, From the impending doom. A few steps is all I need.... Continue Reading →

Monday Blues

Yet again the alarm clock rings, I wish I could sing, Feeling the Monday blues, As all hell  is let loose. Looking out the window, With my groggy eyes, I see the sun  has risen, High in the sky. Leaping out of bed, Tripping over myself in a rush, A strong coffee is what I... Continue Reading →

The Path to Glory

Many obstacles may come, Don't feel so glum, Difficulties may arise, Don't let them thwart you, From the ultimate prize. For only true champions survive, In this journey as they rise, Defeating all opponents, To seek the final moment, Of residing on the seat of glory. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Teen Troubles – #Part3

Final exams are drawing nearer. My parents, especially dad has been keeping an eye on me, making sure that I am not wasting time and studying well. My dad has been keeping high hopes from me. He wants me to enroll for medical science and become a doctor today. I love painting and photography and... Continue Reading →

Teen Love – #Part2

Oh no, I can't understand what I am feeling nowadays. Ever since I have seen her, I cannot sleep at night. I keep thinking of her all the time, wondering whether she might be thinking of me as well. But, how is that possible? She does not even know me.  These mood swings that I... Continue Reading →

The Rant of a Teenager – #Part1

Confused, angry and depressed! Yes, that's what I feel as my hormones take control and get the better of me. You might be wondering what this is all really about. Well, to begin with, as my mom says, I have entered the most troublesome years of my life - "TEENS".  I am told that during... Continue Reading →

Travel from East to West

He rises in the east, Shining bright,radiant like, His rays traveling all the way, To spread over his kingdom. A new day has come, As his warmth reaches the living, The sunflowers angling themselves, To face him. As the clock strikes twelve, He towers over the top, The scorching heat, Removing all illness. The time... Continue Reading →

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