Assumptions – The Messmaker

"Before you assume, try this crazy method called ASKING." Read this quote in the morning and couldn't stop laughing. This is because all of us tend to do this a number of times. We assume that a particular situation or a person is going to act or turn out in a certain way and feel... Continue Reading →

First Meetings

Awkward silences, Lack of eye contact, I know its a fact, On our first meeting. Feeling out of place, Like a stranger, Looking for first words, Difficult to utter. A smile is what we need, To break the ice, Loosen up the tension, For easy and carefree talk. First steps indeed, To a long lasting... Continue Reading →

Move Away from Negativity

Why get offended, To the slightest provocation, It is an invitation, For unnecessary action. Take control of the situation, Moving away from temptation, Don't fret on perfection, Be open to the transition. "When a narcissist can no longer control you, they will instead try to control how others see you." ©2018 Shreya Shah

Teen Life

The troublesome years, There was so little to fear, Stepping out alone, To figure out the unknown. Those trivial worries, Am I too fat? Am I too thin? Writing in the dear diary. Feeling out of place, My hormones on a dance, As I would feel lonely, Wishing why me only. And the years are... Continue Reading →

A Call to Shower

The heat bears down, Scorching the earth, Temperatures soar high, In the burning hot sky. Pray for the rain, For the pleasant weather, When the birds sing, And dance with all vigor. A slight drizzle, Is all we need, As a cool breeze blows, On a warm summer night. ©2018 Shreya Shah

A Walk down Memory Lane

A walk through your childhood, Is all that you need, To escape from reality, And relive the good old times. The fragrance wafts towards you, As you move closer and closer, Towards the same old garden, Of those early years. Remembering those memories, That still touch your core, Those youthful and carefree moments, That you... Continue Reading →

The Rebel

A yearning lies within, To prove your ability to him, To exist on your terms, Is what you reconfirm. Reckless, stubborn, But not without a cause, A rebel you turn to be, To live your life and feel free. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Love your laughter

" Laughter is an instant vacation." Its true isn't it? I personally feel that when we have a good laugh, our body releases chemicals that immediately reduces the stress that we may feel in our joints and our muscles relax too. It is important to start and end your day on a happy note. Even... Continue Reading →

A Tide in the affairs of men

The word prompt "Tide" reminded me of this famous quote by Shakespeare in Julius Caeser. Brutus is discussing the civil war against Octavius Caeser and Mark Anthony, with Cassius. This is one of my favorite plays of Shakespeare. It is a masterpiece and conveys feelings of trust, friendship, betrayal, treachery and regret. Each character shows... Continue Reading →

A Walk on the Beach

Imagine a quiet evening on a beach with a vast ocean beckoning you to join the fun. As the waves keep crashing on the shore, you wonder why does it feel so serene and calm over here. Spending time on the beach and enjoying the peaceful moments has always attracted me towards it. It seems... Continue Reading →

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