From Miss to Mrs

A plethora of emotions, Through the commotion, As she takes her first step, Towards a new life.   An overwhelming of sorts, Anxiety crossing her mind, Feeling sad as she just realized, What is left behind.   Looking into each other's eyes, As they take their vows, To love, respect and support, In good and … Continue reading From Miss to Mrs

At First Sight

It started at first sight, Her dalliance with him, Head over heels she fell, As he swept her off her feet.   Lasted for a short time, But gave her loads to think, For a lifetime, Fading away within a blink.

The Final Steps

So, its been a few days since I could come up with an interesting post. Well, you see, I just took a break to sit back and re-analyze my thoughts to put together something nice. So, here goes.... Plentiful distractions, Look out for the attraction, With no work and all play, Don't lose focus, I … Continue reading The Final Steps

A Difficult Choice

In a nerve racking dilemma, Facing the choices, An indecision on the agenda, Having lost her voice.   The options seem straightforward, Too difficult an action to take, As always there is an easy way out, With no effort to make.   The difficult  choice looms forward, Her resolve seems to falter, With the demanding … Continue reading A Difficult Choice