Goodbye Daily Post Prompt

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Its the last Daily Post Prompt today and I don’t think there would be a better opportunity than now to look back and retrospect on the blogs that I could write through the daily prompts published everyday.

I am thankful to this medium that helped me come up with new posts that could be seen by a wider audience. It was wonderful to read the word for the day and try to frame a post on the same. Every new prompt had me racking my brains for an interesting post.

The Daily Post Prompt had a very important impact on my blogging skills. It was at the time that I started my new blog and was having a hard time coming up with new posts, trying to understand what the reader base on WordPress is, what they usually like to read. Daily Post Prompt helped counter all these queries. It was also amazing to read the 180+ responses everyday from my other blogger friends.

I would again like to take this opportunity to thank Daily Post Prompt for keeping us busy with the prompts everyday and my fellow bloggers for their wonderful and insightful posts. Looking forward to more of them and being a part of this strong community.

For the Daily Post Prompt,

“Keep shining brightly where there is darkness,

  Keep showing the path where one seems lost,

  Be the guide and the mentor,

  For the world needs light.”

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Daily Post Prompt

  1. I felt the same way…. If you think you are going to miss The Daily Post as much as I found myself missing it today, here is an invitation…

    Have you missed The Daily Post? If you have, please visit Daily Addictions. It might be what you are looking for to get you through your withdrawal?

    I hope you don’t find me pushy… It’s not meant to be.

    Just an invitation…

    Check out Daily Addictions:

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