Tell me a Tale in 120 words – A Billion Dollars

So as I was surfing through the reader section of WordPress, I landed on something quite interesting –  TMAT120 from Joelle at Two on a Rant. The first Thursday of each month brings up a prompt wherein the blogger can describe their tale in 120 words based on the given prompt.

So here goes, this is my first attempt – “If you had a billion dollars, how would you use it?

First, I would donate half of it to the education of the underprivileged children.

Image result for education of the underprivileged

From the remaining half, Travel around the world with family and friends.


  •  I have always loved the beach, so my to- travel list has places like Maldives, Bali, Goa, Konkan coastline, Kanyakumari are on the top.

Image result for Beaches collage

  • Also, I have always been inspired by historical monuments, especially described in Dan Brown series, Shakespeare, Helen of Troy. Hence, places like Rome, Spain, Greece, and Egypt are next in my list.

Related image

Have my own big library and have the best of editions.

Image result for Own a library

Have an art studio to paint and invite others who would join in.

Image result for art studio


6 thoughts on “Tell me a Tale in 120 words – A Billion Dollars

Add yours

  1. Fantastic! Only 67 more words to go and you’ll be at exactly 120. Can you add in some of the places you’d like to travel?

    I’d travel to see your art studio, if I had a billion.

    Thanks for joining the fun.


    1. Hey. I have added some of the places that are on my list! Thanks for the suggestion. It was fun participating! I had never really given a thought on my favorite locations for travel.

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  2. St. Augustine and Daytona have beautiful beaches, and there are untouched beaches for hikers to see in state parks.

    I went to France and Switzerland about 20 years ago and visited inside one of the resident’s homes. She had a huge mural of palm trees, ocean and blue sky. I live an hour from that kind of scenery and what did I have on my wall? A picture of the Alps. 🙂

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