A Toddler’s World

Try to look at the world, From the eyes of a toddler, Curious and excited, The funny little crawler. The senses are sharpened, To the breezy touch, With the eyes getting accustomed, To everything brand-new. A need to gallivant, Feeling an unknown pleasure, Whilst everyone plays catch-up, To the cute little one. An innocence so... Continue Reading →

Path to Success

Is it worth it, To put all your trust, In a manner that is just, And make a concerted effort, To turn the impossible around. The doubts that creep in, The worries that hold, Prevent to move away, From the negativity, To a place that is peaceful within. It is never too easy, To leave... Continue Reading →

The Right Step

Don't be afraid, A step is what is needed, To make the right start, In the right direction. Don't be petrified, Of being alone, Gather all your strength, To set the tone. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Goodbye Daily Post Prompt

Its the last Daily Post Prompt today and I don't think there would be a better opportunity than now to look back and retrospect on the blogs that I could write through the daily prompts published everyday. I am thankful to this medium that helped me come up with new posts that could be seen... Continue Reading →

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