Unrequited Love

Days pass by, As he keeps his hopes high, Waiting for her to notice, As he walks by. Thinking of her, All day and all night, A might pain passes through, As every minute goes by. Oblivious of his existence, She knows not, That there awaits, Someone who loves her to the core. Will the... Continue Reading →

The Inner Beauty

The poem below is  inspired from the quote that I just read," Beauty is only skin deep and the world is full of thin skinned people." It is but superficial, The crackle and the frizzle, The over the top decoration, Like the icing on a cake. Look through it all, It may be dull and... Continue Reading →

Towards the Light

Let the memories fade away, That make you feel grey, Don't be sad and woebegone, Towards the light you will be drawn. For the future holds the best of all, Leave the past and stand tall, For you may require the strength, To keep the misery at an arm's length. ©2018 Shreya Shah

A Small Wish

Waiting for the day, When there will be no cause to worry, Happiness in abundance, All around me. Is it too much to ask, To be with my loved ones, Cherishing all moments, And finding everlasting peace. ©2018 Shreya Shah

Palkhi Darshan – A Spiritual Journey

Last week, Pune witnessed the greatest annual pilgrimage of Maharashtra - an 800 year old tradition in the honour - Saint Dynaneshwar. It's a journey of almost 450 kms to Pandharpur, wherein thousands of pilgrims called " Warkaris" join the spiritual march, in Aashad (the month of June/July). They walk in groups called "Dindis", with... Continue Reading →

An Independent Soul

Bringing her own sunshine, With an independent will of her own, She is no bird, mind you! Coz' she needs no wings to fly. The sky is no limit, For her mighty spirit, Is ready, To conquer the world. There is no stopping her, She has the zeal and energy, For her path is carved... Continue Reading →

Unfolding the Truth

Hanging by the thread, In a serious dilemma, To wait or to go ahead, On the chosen agenda. The time for exposure, Has come close, As one seems, Ready to depose. Truth is bitter, Its a universal quote, Waiting for a better, Time to unfold. A decision is to be made, For the time has... Continue Reading →

Share Your World Challenge

Well, as I was racking my brains to come up with a new post, I came across this post  on Cee's blog. This blog is a very interesting one and mainly communicates through unique photos and pictures. I believe pictures convey a lot of unspoken words that sometimes are difficult to express. Do follow this... Continue Reading →

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