S.M.I.L.E – See Miracles in Life Everyday

Today morning, as I was going through updates on social media, I came across a wonderful video. A video which talked about the most important five letter word in the World. A word that almost governs our whole life and the way we choose to look at life.

You want to guess what that word is? The word is,


woman holding a smiley balloon

Don’t you think so too? A smile can release dozens of those happy hormones in our body that can get rid of all the toxins and let us relax. It has the potential to brighten up our day as well as the ones with us. A person can be judged on the basis of their ability to smile and make everyone around them happy.

No one would want to be around a person who is grumpy and in a bad mood all the time. Well, you might think, that one comes across a millions of problems everyday. How could we just ignore that and feel happy.

But, there is quote that says, “Approach all the problems with a smile and they longer will be a problem.” WHY WORRY? Life will be full of problems and obstacles but that shouldn’t mean that one should always be anxious. Being worried and anxious won’t solve our problems. It is our choice to smile and take any situation head on or otherwise.

If one learns rightly to observe and celebrate the small moments in life, one will have a lot many positive moments to cherish.

Watching this video, just made me realize the many times that I have been anxious and worried. Its easier said than done, isn’t it? But, we can all at least try.

“Life is small. Smile while you still have teeth!”


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