Tuesday Photo Challenge: Lift

When the groom is ready to lift her veil back to see the beautiful angel that will be his bride! For the years to come, I promise to be by your side, In the good and the bad, In the happy and the sad, Here's to our beautiful journey together!   For the Tuesday Photo... Continue Reading →

Entrances to Historical Places

So here I am, taking part in another fun challenge - Thursday Doors featuring door lovers to post their favorite doors and post photos of the same. Come to think of it, a door signifies an entrance to a new beginning or grander things in life. So for this challenge, I have picked out my five... Continue Reading →


Is a cursory glance enough, I wonder, To get to know and understand, The REAL ME. A stubborn mind, And a caring heart, Striving for perfection, Making sure of a headstart. A lover of art and music, Library my second home, Whiling away my time is it? With books, paints and songs. Grab the next... Continue Reading →

My 100th Post

And finally the day has come! I am writing my 100th blog. From the past 2-3 days, I had been wondering what thoughts to convey in my 100th blog. Let me tell you one thing though, it has been fun writing all the 99 posts till then. There was a time when I would wonder... Continue Reading →

The Spying Game

Can you play the spying game, Its your wish to pick a name, A Hercule Poirot or a Bond, A question that has dawned.   The smell of wrongdoings, Against your better rulings, Is it a case worth taken, The world around you seems shaken.   A good spy knows no fear, Let the courage... Continue Reading →

Taking Chances

Left to chance, The call to advance, What should it be, To walk towards or away, From the laid-out plan. If you abide by law, Play by the rules, If you take the chance, Get ready with your tools, To take your life's best ride. Feel free and be happy, Let go of all worries,... Continue Reading →

Stars in My Mind

The mind is buzzing, With words that seem nothing, Until strung together, Into thoughts for the better. Like stars spread out in the sky, My thoughts occupying my mind, Not just a constellation yet, To reach the target set. ©2018 Shreya Shah

To A New Day

Rise and shine, Morning is here, But aren't you loath, To start the new day. Get out of bed, Look forward, To what it brings, Forth today. A steaming hot cup of tea, With a toast to go with it, And you are ready, To take the world on. ©2018 Shreya Shah

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