Music – A Mood Medicine

Connecting to my inner soul, An ability to strike the chord, Binding broken pieces into whole, Making the heart soar. A morning dose of music, The right kind for a great start, Like pure magic, It sets the right mood. Indeed a mood medicine, Spreading its melody, Giving a warm hug, In times of tragedy.... Continue Reading →

Find Your Glory

Earn it today, Keep your fear at bay, Don't stop now, Go ahead and take a final bow. Don't misjudge, The gloss of success, Blurring your vision, And deceiving you. It ain't a marathon, For you to act on, Walk a steady pace, To reach the final base. The time has come, To own it,... Continue Reading →

Following My Passion

In the search of the one, To find it where it begun, The truth of my existence, I am ready to travel the distance. Now the time has come, And I should not succumb, To the fear and the distress, And the perils of the unknown. The truth is exhilarating, Like a beam of light,... Continue Reading →

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