Past v/s Future

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To stay in the past, or plan for the future?

Its something that our minds and hearts face each day. No matter whether we are travelling, doing important chores, at home resting, our mind seems to be continuously buzzing. We are either planning for the future or recalling memories from the past, maybe happy or bitter ones!

Our mind acts like a pendulum in such times, making it difficult for us to stay in the present. Sometimes, I  find myself recalling random moments from the past and wishing that time could have slowed down then, letting me enjoy and feel the moment and sometimes, I find myself making plans for time way ahead in the future.

But then, I suddenly realize that in order to move towards the envisaged future, I need to plan the present. Stay in the present, do something meaningful and atone for the past. It can be anything, a hobby or a task that might even appear dull to others as long as it gives pure happiness to you.

“Follow your heart, 

Trust your mind,

A balance of logic and desire, 

Leads to true happiness!”


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