Two Sides

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Two versions,

Slightly different,

Rather dubious,

One seems far more curious,

For the facts seem distorted,

Than the other.

A comedy of errors,

It seems,

For there are always,

Two or more versions,

To a story,

So stop the mental exertion.

Judgement is passed,

Correct or incorrect,

No one seems to know,

For the basis,

Is unknown,

To His/Her Honour.

One story is sealed,

As facts should,

No confirmation required,

For the winner has scored,

And his version is intact,

Until eternity.

This poem is dedicated to all events that we encounter in life everyday and there are multiple accounts from every one involved in that event. 

There are always two sides to a coin, likewise, two sides to a story..

So judge wisely and come to a conclusion then! 

©2018 Shreya Shah

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