The Wandering Mind

The mind travels, Back and forth, Always wondering, At its own pace. Halt a moment please, The heart tells the mind, Neither travel in the future, Nor stay in the past. For the present, Is what matters, For a calm mind, And a healthy heart. ©2019 Shreya Shah

A Walk in the Light

In the darkest of days, A beam of light, He looks forwards to, Guiding his path ahead. Through the winding path, With twists and turns, It paves the way, For him to walk on. This illumination drives way, The darkness within, Filling hope and strength, To face the challenges ahead. And as he reaches, The... Continue Reading →

A Choice to Make

To love or to hate, To succeed or to fail, To hope or to despair, Are choices to be made. Though hard it may seem, Just trust and let go, Don't guess or it may ruin, The beauty of the moments to come. For at the end, Of the difficult road, Is where it lies,... Continue Reading →

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