Ideas – The New Currency

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“Ideas are the currency of the new economy.”

This quote has stuck up in my mind ever since I heard it on one of the talk shows while surfing videos on Youtube. This celebrity gave an example of how in today’s world its possible for an individual to start their own business even from their own garage, based on their idea using technology and help available freely today.

It struck me that the world has changed from the traditional way of working to following the “Think outside the box” mantra. One who is creative and helps their company solve problems with innovative solution survives whereas the rest who follow the orthodoxical way of working perish. Today, the society is more open to treading new waters than following the same pattern of working from years before.

Even the internet has a lot to offer help on the same. With many DIY videos, one can always turn their random thought into action by checking these videos. Being creative and using the left side of the brain has become more important than going by the logical right side of the brain.

Hebbar’s kitchen is a great example of creative thinking. Its a kitchen recipes website that has helped me immensely in my cooking skills. Mrs. Hebbar moved to Australia with her husband and having expertise in software testing, started her own WordPress food recipe blog. She came across Buzzfeed’s tasty videos and decide to try out the Indian recipes in a similar format.  Initially to a slow start, it gained momentum over time and now is one of the most popular food blogging sites.

“A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out.”  Hence, charge your brain cells to let some good ideas spill out!

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