The Broken Strong

Heart thumping hard, As she passed familiar places, Listening to her favourite songs, Reminiscing the old times, The wholesome talks, And the comfortable silences. Was it not true, The future that she envisioned, Soon became the past, Tears rolling down, Giving way to secret emotions, Tumbling one after the another. But gathering herself just in... Continue Reading →


A time to discover, To embrace the wild and free, To go above or under, To the mountain or the sea. An adventure of a lifetime, Will you follow all the rules, To move up and shine, Ignoring the fools. Traveling in the wilderness, Go where the wi-fi is weak, Don't get restless, Let the... Continue Reading →

Music – An Unsaid Emotion

"Where words leave off, music begins." - Heinrich Heine Music has always been an important part of my life, like an invisible friend who can understand my thoughts and feelings. I was introduced to it as a kid when I started learning how to play the harmonium and then after a few years the guitar.... Continue Reading →

A Fighting Spirit

How difficult will it be, To live a lie, Entering the connection, How long will you try? Why keep up the pretense, To live upto the hypocrisy, Isn't it a work of deception, To stay through this mediocrity. On the other end, She is all ecstatic, As she sees her dreams, Come true. Not knowing... Continue Reading →

Distancing in Pandemic

Maintaining the social distance, Staying at home, He follows all the rules, To protect against the syndrome. Mask up always, When stepping outside, A guttural sound escapes, At the sight seen on the ride. A great equalizer, Demonstrated this pandemic, All in the same boat, The rich, the poor and, the medics. Health and positivity,... Continue Reading →

The Love for Pebbles

Running for a long time, She took a long pause, Where was she going, And what was the cause. Taking a seat on the bench, She observed a child, Happily playing with pebbles, And she was impressed and smiled. Struck by the non-reversal of age, How much of her had she lost, In a continuous... Continue Reading →

The North Remembers

Today's word prompt: RDP Friday - Rain Although it is but natural to think about rainfall, listening to the raindrops, the smell of soil after rain, and the joy of getting wet, all I could think of was "The Rains of Castemere". that played in the background at "The Red Wedding" Recall anything? You guessed... Continue Reading →

A Treasure of Memories

99 Word Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a hometown. It can be your hometown or a fictional one. Who is there? When is it set? What is happening? Go where the prompt leads! If you want to take part, here is the link: Carrot Ranch A Treasure of... Continue Reading →

The Power of Music

A beautiful melody, A piece of art, As it keeps playing, Piercing the heart. Transported to an alternative universe, Feeling alive and surreal, The only medicine, Letting the heart and soul heal. No need of a language, Filling up the silences, And lifting the spirits, With its notes and beats. Expressing the unexpressed, A song... Continue Reading →

Turning Point

Arriving at a turning point, A decision to take, When dreams and reality coalesce, Should you seize or make the same mistake? A new story to begin, Commitment to be made, Embracing the growing process, An opportunity to upgrade. Drawing the magic within, In a moment that critical, A step in either direction, Don't dwell... Continue Reading →

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