The Healing Pause

A break from the past, To heal and grow, Face newer opportunities, And alter the flow. New places, new beginnings, Give them some thought, The disposal of your old self, Is but an afterthought. The heart is broken, And the mind is numb, It needs some time, To get rid of the glum. Build the... Continue Reading →

The Strength In The Storm

The serenity is disturbed, And there is no rainbow, The whirlwind blows, Intent on destroying the glow. You endure the storm, Dancing it out, Till the sun is forced, To shine and pout. Let not the fear, Overcome your inner strength, Weather the hard time, And walk the full length. A different person you will... Continue Reading →

For a Not-So-Perfect Life

Isn't it right to be yourself, To be judged, For the light and the darkness, While someone holds a grudge. Life passes by, As you plan and plan, To be perfect, And build a clan. But somewhere along, You do realize, You want the real ones, Not them who are there for your highs. Don't... Continue Reading →

To the World of Emojis

Today is World Emoji Day 😃. 😍 😘 ! So a special poetry for these cute emoticons that let everyone express their way virtually, spreading love, laughter, and happiness. In the circle, Expressions of life, An easiest way to spread, What you feel inside. Emoticons on your keys, 😃 shows grinning face, 🤣 when you... Continue Reading →

Friends Forever

This is a special post dedicated to my best friends, my girl gang, who is been there always through thick and thin! A crazy but loving bunch of girls, we have had some great times and moments to cherish always! Like stars that shine, They have stayed with me, The relationship with the real ones,... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Dance

A form of expression, A hidden language of soul, Dance is an art, That can make you feel whole. Feeling the joy, Expelling the pain, If you have any doubts, Just dance again. Let the feet tap, And let the heart feel, A shortcut to happiness, Perform with zeal. Feel the joy of movement, Live... Continue Reading →

The Melting Glacier

The sun starts shining, Spreading heat and warmth, And the glacier melts, As the stream trickles in the north. Carving its own path, It slowly moves ahead, In this picturesque nature, Melting frozen ice as it spread. It has its own music, For those who listen, This marvellous creation, Is indeed a vision. ©2021 Shreya... Continue Reading →

An Encounter with Life Within

A deserted beach, An ebbing tide, Uncovers interesting creatures, Clinging to rocks on the side. Trapped in the pools of water, These tidepool animals, Crabs, snails, and mussels, Unearthing the invaluable. Colonies of animals, In between rocks and shells, The more one searches, The more they dwell. Emerging from their hiding places, Taking a little... Continue Reading →

Strings of Guitar

A few chords, And the right beat, Take me back from the chaos, As I tap my feet. Plucking the six strings, The pain is worth the while, Playing the right music, In a unique style. It seems like an old friend, Music does not lie, An extension of myself, The vibrations often comply. ©2021... Continue Reading →

Power of Change

Photo by Rachel Claire on Are you scared? To build the new you, Inevitable as it is Coming right out of the blue. Stop fighting the old, Let go and release, There will be pain, And there will be beauty. Lose yourself, In this hard world, Take the power, Before its takes you. Stop... Continue Reading →

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