Mind’s Eye

A thousand thoughts, Captured by one's mind, Weaving a thread of imagination, Creating situations undefined. Picturing fanciful stories, Of hope and happiness, Indicating a mystery stranger, Waiting in complete readiness. © 2021 Shreya Shah

Happiness Magnet

Be a happiness magnet, Attracting the good, Leaving the grim fragments, Don't be misunderstood. Fill your cup everyday, With love, peace & gratitude, Let it overflow to those in need, Spreading a positive attitude. Life is a sense of deja vu, Encounter your dreams, Fulfill what is due, Standing in the gleam. © 2021 Shreya... Continue Reading →

New Canvas

Like a painting, She sees her life, Filled with colors, A mix of light and dark, Thrown in a mix. Insufficient shades, She is looking for more, Something bright and vivid, That takes her forward, To make a lively artwork. Leaving the dark behind, Ready for a blank slate, She selects warm colors, Red, green,... Continue Reading →

The Lost Feather

Stringing words together, The mind seems enclosed, Finding inspiration in a lost feather, The verses remain undisclosed. Rambling away in a diary, Whilst locating the feather's identity, Trying not to be hangry, Fighting the fast intensity. And when the research ends, The answer is revealed, Ecstatic to break the fast, The rhymester takes a sigh... Continue Reading →

The Frothy WhiteCaps

Feel the eternal beat, In the sound of waves, Frothy as air, They make their way, To meet you at your temporary stay. As time passes, These whitecaps travel, Back and forth, Unraveling beauty, For your eyes worth. The sand is now warm, As the sun takes leave, Getting up from your favourite rock, You... Continue Reading →


Walking through the meadow, She relished the experience, Completed by a rainbow, It was beautiful and mysterious. Lost in her train of thought, She didn't see the figure approach, An unexpected visitor on her favourite spot, Where the sun broke through the clouds. Her guide and her best friend, She loved him to the core,... Continue Reading →

Light of the Soul

A new day has come, And it is time to let go, Get rid of the glum, That corrodes your soul. Find your soul center, Fill it with sparkle and luminosity, Let it be your shelter, And give an end to self-pity. Charged up with renewed gusto, Get ready for the next challenge, Take in... Continue Reading →

Careful Words

Watch your words, For they may appear blunt, Leaving many broken hearts, They seem cold and upfront. Speak your mind, But speak it well, Don't be blind, For you may raise alarm bells. Be bold and be honest, But mind other's sentiments, Don't be terrified, Of the surrounding fakeness. © 2021 Shreya Shah

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