The Release

Holding it all together, For the longest of times, Like a paperclip or a binder, Waiting only for a single sign. As time passes at a sluggish pace, Your strength seeps away, And you feel your heart race, Between black and white, you choose grey. Reaching the final limit, You let it all go, It... Continue Reading →

The Imperfect Beauty

Bothered by the attention, She looked in the mirror, Confused and feeling the tension, Why couldn't she see herself clearer? He had called her a "vision", She wondered why, Was he bound by tradition, That he felt the need to lie. A sudden knock on the door, Had her come back to reality, One look... Continue Reading →

Magic Carpet

Surrounded by all materialistic possessions, With assistants at her constant beck and call, She was bothered by only one question, Was it worth it all? She slept on a silken mattress, Troubled by these thoughts, Filled with unknowing sadness, With her stomach in knots. Looking out of the window, She longed for a stroll in... Continue Reading →

The Door With The Red Paint

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about an open door. It can be literal or metaphorical. What is behind the door? Who is seeking and why? As the writer, how will you manage the discovery? Go where the prompt leads! If you want to take part, here is the link: Carrot... Continue Reading →

The Long Run

An experience of a lifetime, It is indeed the showtime, Your mind is asking you to focus, Don't lost sight for the bonus. Not a short race, but a marathon, Keep check of the distance and move on, If the mind loses, the heart sustains, For the consistency will remain. Don't be afraid of the... Continue Reading →

The Indecisive Fear

Burning questions with no answers to give, Going through all the options to outlive, Ain't this the result of not thinking through, Did you make a choice like just another schmo. Move away from this indecision, Declutter your mind with unnecessary fears, Silence the noise within, To know the final vision. Sometimes its hard to... Continue Reading →

A Millennial Life

Snapping photos endlessly, In every picture, She couldn't decide, The best one to use. Hashtags in her mind, Switching on the selfie mode, While choosing the right filter, She created her look. Counting the number of likes, Waiting for the comments, Checking her phone every five seconds, She passed her time. Choosing virtual acceptance, With... Continue Reading →

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