A PostCard

The picturesque photograph,

Held in his hand for long,

Should he tear it in half,

But for the cryptic message on the back.

A postcard on the doorstep,

Scrummed in a large package,

With his favourite jacket,

A reminder of the lost times.

Fingers twitching anxiously,

He opened the envelope,

One look at the picture,

And the identity was known.

The perfect mountain skyline,

A home in the middle of nowhere,

She had found their place,

Wanting him to join there.

Leaving him here to stay,

Why did she have to go away,

Taken long to accept reality,

Finally out of the memory loop.

A broken heart for long,

Healing over time,

A not-so-easy decision it is,

Should he fall for her again?

For WDYS Prompt

© 2021 Shreya Shah

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