Blogging Insights – To Quit or To Rest?

This is for Tanya Blogging Insights Prompt

This quote seems to symbolise life in general. We face such a situation so many times when it gets tough or tiring and we wonder whether to quit or to take a break. For me, mostly even though I might just feel like I can’t do it anymore, I might take a break, and then restart when I am sure I can give my 100% again.

Taking a break to Write Well

Especially, when I started blogging or even writing, it was a new area and I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or even whether I was good at it. But, just following the flow of thoughts and penning them down or in today’s scenario typing them out, I started loving it. Writing or blogging for me is just a form of break. But, I also believe that when your thoughts come to a standstill or when you are writing around the same thing, it can be good to take break. Maybe, organise your thoughts, go out, take in new experiences, refresh for a while and then get back to writing/blogging. It can help having a new take on things and getting a slight change in your writing, while getting out of the rut.

Well, these are my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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