E.M’s Sunday Ramble Prompt – Paperback always

This is for E.M’s Sunday Ramble. Being a voracious reader, I could immediately get answers to all the questions posted on this prompt. So here goes,

1. Do you prefer digital, paperback, or hard bound books?

Ideally, I prefer paperback books. Hard bound are too difficult to hold, and I cannot concentrate on the book then. Recently, I also started downloading and reading ebooks (both on Kindle and laptop). Although, the font is readable and it is a good experience, but it does not feel the same. So, maybe I can go along with a Kindle but I would prefer paperback.

2.Do you have a library full of books or just your favorite tales?

I have a decent collection of books but I wouldn’t call it a library. Maybe some favourite titles, some yet to be read and some in progress.

3.Harry Potter, Narnia, or Twilight? (You can choose all three or pick and choose.)

I am a Potterhead through and through. It was the first complete series I read and fell in love with. But, I also liked Twilight. Not a complete fan but I could re-read it again, maybe the first book only.

4.Do you like when books are turned into movies? Why or why not?

I personally don’t like books turned into movies because most of the times, a limited length of a film cannot do justice to the book that describes the entire plot in detail. Also, when we are reading, we automatically imagine the scenes and when reproduced in a movie, it may not look the same. But, some movies have done well like Harry Potter of course, Twilight to some extent, The Devil Wears Prada etc.

5.What is a book that you have read over and over again?

There are many that I have re-read. Harry Potter, Twilight, Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, Da Vinci Code to name a few.

3 thoughts on “E.M’s Sunday Ramble Prompt – Paperback always

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  1. Harry Potter was the popular vote, for sure 🙂 I really want to read the entire series of the HP books because I have only read the first one from front to back. I think they would be better than the movies, however, I think they did a great job of picking the characters for the movies. Thanks for rambling with me about books, Shreya 🙂 I always enjoy reading your rambles! Happy Monday!

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