Love yourself, In good times, And in bad times, In the happy, And sad times.   As steps we take, In the world outside, So ruthless and harsh, Made difficult, For one and all.   Praise and criticism, Walk hand in hand, Listen to both, But follow, The right advice.   Don't be naive, Or … Continue reading Self-Love

Ideas – The New Currency

"Ideas are the currency of the new economy." This quote has stuck up in my mind ever since I heard it on one of the talk shows while surfing videos on Youtube. This celebrity gave an example of how in today's world its possible for an individual to start their own business even from their … Continue reading Ideas – The New Currency

The Wandering Mind

The mind travels, Back and forth, Always wondering, At its own pace.   Halt a moment please, The heart tells the mind, Neither travel in the future, Nor stay in the past.   For the present, Is what matters, For a calm mind, And a healthy heart.    

Call to Solitude

Its not an everyday occurrence, To find time for myself, Seems so unreal, Too good to be true.   I say, " Enjoy until it lasts." The solitude that gives joy, Helping to draw courage, From the calmness around.   Exploring within, My strength and weakness, And feeling inspired, When the mind meets the heart. … Continue reading Call to Solitude