Rise and Bloom is LIVE

I am happy to present my first solo poetry anthology - "Rise and Bloom". Rise and Bloom is an open-themed poetry anthology dealing with diverse topics like love, friendship, relationships, and solitude. Every individual goes through several emotions while dealing with different situations, good or bad, in their lives. It is at these exact moments... Continue Reading →

Sunday Rambles – Happy Days

I know I have been pretty inconsistent in the last weeks. Having a hard time catching up with work but I will make sure to blog regularly now. So. coming back to today's post. Writing for E.M.'s Sunday Ramble Prompt #21. What is at least one thing that makes you happy today? The one thing... Continue Reading →

How Are You

This is for E.M.'s Sunday Ramble Prompt - "How are you?" My answers to her questions below: How is the weather where you are today? Well, summer is just beginning and the days are getting longer. Since, it is the start, the weather is just the balance between hot and cold. Maybe its time for... Continue Reading →

Top Five Things I Tell Myself

For Dr Tanya's 5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022 Here are my top five: I am loved by my family and have a great circle of friends. (Truly grateful to them for being there always.)I am a strong individual with my own thoughts and beliefs.I can follow my dreams and one day I... Continue Reading →

Share Your World 1-17-2022

This is for Melanie's Share Your World Challenge: If I were really completely honest, I would say that …’ This is a question for ‘radical honesty’. What are the things you wouldn’t normally say? Things you would otherwise actually hide?  What’s on your mind? What would you really like to be able to say? I am actually someone who... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary 14: Say Yes To Challenges

For Bloganuary 14: Write about a challenge you faced and overcame Well, I have always faced challenges head on. Sometimes alone and sometimes with family and friends. So, with respect to this question, I would like to talk about my first painting exhibition. I have always loved art - be it sketching, painting or mural.... Continue Reading →

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