Unplanned Escape

Sensing the upcoming mayhem, I just stood still, Trying to make sense of them, Couldn't leave the place at will. Briskly walking towards me, The girl with blue eyes, Looking for a partner to flee, A decision most unwise. Voices rising in a chorus, In a tightly packed hall, She looked for an escape, Standing... Continue Reading →

A PostCard

The picturesque photograph, Held in his hand for long, Should he tear it in half, But for the cryptic message on the back. A postcard on the doorstep, Scrummed in a large package, With his favourite jacket, A reminder of the lost times. Fingers twitching anxiously, He opened the envelope, One look at the picture,... Continue Reading →

Breathing Interval

A customary visit every year, An offline break in this social world, Refresh the thoughts like never before, A disconnected place for peace & tranquility. Focused on the present and now, A must refuel this time of the year, To move away from the ungainly things, And the insecurities felt so long. Clearer thoughts in... Continue Reading →

Concealed Feelings

I see her everyday, Passing me in the corridor, Trying to catch her eye, My heartbeat quickens. Sharing a few glances, She knows who I am, I wonder what she thinks, About her nerdy neighbour. Her thoughts fill my whole day, Having imaginary conversations, I wish I had the grit, To give words to my... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Four Feet

A welcome present, Everyday, Coming back to her, My very own cavalier. Playful and loving, She waits patiently, With a forever place for me, In her kind heart. She senses my happiness, And my disappoinment, Meeting my eyes, And understanding the silence. My wake up alarm, My whole world, Coalesced my broken pieces, To a... Continue Reading →


In need of a good luck charm, She grabbed a wishbone, Hoping to get what she wants, That was long overdue. A belief to end the stigma, Taking a break from all, Isn't it okay to be not okay? She wished for some time to heal. A larger piece she desired, A large piece she... Continue Reading →

True Confessions – Share Your World

A late post but would like to participate. So here goes, What was the very first popular song you ever remember taking a liking to?  I’m not talking about children’s songs or old traditional songs… but the kind of songs you’d hear on the radio.  I don't exactly remember the first popular song that I... Continue Reading →


A slight nervousness, But a lot more excitement, Stepping out in the city, On my ladybird. A trip that was long due, To my favourite city, All thanks to my benefactor. I got out of the shell. Alone - the new definition, Of beautiful and strong, Full of opportunities, With no worry of going wrong.... Continue Reading →

Seven Stars

Exciting and scared, The first day of college, A step out in the world, To rediscover and rebalance. Tiniest of relaxations, To let go of the uniform, Who knew I would meet, My seven lucky stars. Was it just a simple hi, Or a playful hide-and-seek, That got us talking, Becoming BFF's for life. Different... Continue Reading →

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