Start Of Prime

A small beginning, In a long time, It was an achievement, The start of her prime. The fruits of her success, No event can foreshadow, Her antagonist self, At peace with the whole process. @ 2022 Shreya Shah

Caught Off Guard

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Lost in the pages, Those beautiful words, Bringing a smile on her face, She was caught off guard. The volume of the external, Not bothering her the least, Feeling more than alive, She felt the release. And as the pages turned, She waited with a bated breath, The characters too... Continue Reading →

The Lengthy Wait

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, Feeling super and setting out for a walk, With no hint or a warning, Ready for the "talk." Over to the regular spot, Having spent many good times, He reached their on the dot, Would she read between the lines? A confidante for years, Would their friendship crumble? Every minute... Continue Reading →

Adventure with Gale

For Thursday inspiration prompt Changing directions, It knows not where to go, Rattling windows announce presence, So that we are in the know. So many queries to ask, But does it have the time? Not wanting to stop on its path, Its' going away seems like a crime. Time passing speedily, Do we still have... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Waiting for the right time, Will it ever be? He is the main protagonist, So better not flee. The decision is final, She is the one, Taking two steps at a time, He couldn't think of anyone. Standing right there, She looked into his eyes, Searching for something, She knows... Continue Reading →

The New Habitat

The scent of a new place, Lingering around for long, Communicating with the unseen, It lets you come along. The brain is all fizzy, With the "new house" syndrome, In unknown surroundings, You want to feel at home. A distant train horn sounds, And you expect new arrivals, As family and friends gathers, To give... Continue Reading →

Sunday Rambles – Happy Days

I know I have been pretty inconsistent in the last weeks. Having a hard time catching up with work but I will make sure to blog regularly now. So. coming back to today's post. Writing for E.M.'s Sunday Ramble Prompt #21. What is at least one thing that makes you happy today? The one thing... Continue Reading →

Awkward Meetings

For Fandango's Story Starter Prompt A sizzling party, His friends had said, Perfect for he turns thirty, So he could stay ahead. It was settled then, He entered the birthday bash, One look at her again, All memories were back in a flash. Feeling silence in the chaos, They still had the appeal, Why did... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Beginning

Does the occasion seem right? Is she looking too bright? Looking from all four corners, They give their shady looks. Giving them no thought, Their presence did not bother, Her broken self had mended, In their absence altogether. Too many lows for too long, It was time for her to come along, Feeling wholesome and... Continue Reading →

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