Live Wire

Happy on the inside, A live wire indeed, Her happiness too infectious. The only dose that we need An unwavering faith, Facing the brighter side, Not engaging in the usual games, She bore all hardships with a smile. Standing up again, From the brutal knockouts, Inspiring one and all, A unique strength she brought out.... Continue Reading →

To Be A Survivor

Crossing familiar paths, A flashback of the old, An occasional necessity, To reshape the mold. Seeing it all again, Why concede defeat, A long way to go, Though the path is incomplete. To be a strong surviver, It means a lot, As good as a nifty winner, Getting to the right spot. @ 2022 Shreya... Continue Reading →

New Life

Tiny fingers interlaced with me, Unexpected warmth, As the eyes meet, While I hold close, the new born. A reception awaits, And I don't want to let go, Wanting to love and protect, The one with the tiny toes. A closed one for life, I know now I have, To do only the correct, To... Continue Reading →

The New Habitat

The scent of a new place, Lingering around for long, Communicating with the unseen, It lets you come along. The brain is all fizzy, With the "new house" syndrome, In unknown surroundings, You want to feel at home. A distant train horn sounds, And you expect new arrivals, As family and friends gathers, To give... Continue Reading →

How Are You

This is for E.M.'s Sunday Ramble Prompt - "How are you?" My answers to her questions below: How is the weather where you are today? Well, summer is just beginning and the days are getting longer. Since, it is the start, the weather is just the balance between hot and cold. Maybe its time for... Continue Reading →

Top Five Things I Tell Myself

For Dr Tanya's 5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022 Here are my top five: I am loved by my family and have a great circle of friends. (Truly grateful to them for being there always.)I am a strong individual with my own thoughts and beliefs.I can follow my dreams and one day I... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary 14: Say Yes To Challenges

For Bloganuary 14: Write about a challenge you faced and overcame Well, I have always faced challenges head on. Sometimes alone and sometimes with family and friends. So, with respect to this question, I would like to talk about my first painting exhibition. I have always loved art - be it sketching, painting or mural.... Continue Reading →

Difficult Move

To a delayed start, In this cosmopolitan city, Filled with the quick-witted and the smart, Looking at me with pity. On the move for so long, This peripatetic lifestyle, Will I finally get along, Lagging behind in some style. A change so difficult, It is a miracle indeed, Strangers now friends, Always there in need.... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Prompt 7: What Makes You Laugh

For Daily Prompt: What Makes You Laugh Fun conversations with parents. Reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.SAnimal videos (especially cats and kittens)Random Instagram reels - my guilty pleasure nowadays :pSometimes, I even laugh it out when I am stressed. Distraction helps too think more clearly it seems. As quoted by Lord Byron, "Always laugh when you can. It... Continue Reading →

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