The Faraway Dream

Was it a dream, So blissful and serene? The walk in nature, In the beauty yet unseen. Like a glimpse of heaven, A splendid place to be, Was the imaginary path, A reward to me? An inner calm descends, Feeling lost in the green, I have found my true home, A miracle indeed? But the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feeling

It is not only the words, But what goes in between, It is not the external, But what you feel deep within. It is not a planned visitor, But give its own surprises, It may not look like you imagined, But will be a gift in disguise. It may not be easy to catch on,... Continue Reading →


Some are visible, Some are not, Some cling to the surface, While some run deep. The mark of battle, That you survived, Not a sign of weakness, Letting you feel alive. Telling a different story, Let each one heal, They will fade one day, Leaving you stronger than steel. So make a pact now, To... Continue Reading →

The Unspoken Fight

It seems so hard, To break away from the chains, Getting up after every fall, Until I reach my aim. I don't know when I will reach, To keep going is the only way, With a lot of unsolicited advice, As I fight through everyday. Is there a magic potion, That can make the pain... Continue Reading →

Filter of Life

Everyone around you, At the height of your life, Will they stay, At the lowest to guide? Like butterflies they fluttered, In the good old days, But now they disappeared, Is there any delay? With only a few left behind, Your real value is found, Working and building again, Wear your own crown. And now... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Test

They will judge you anyway, With a pinch of salt, You take it and live everyday, The life that is sweet but short. Those sharp words may hurt, But don't let them stay, Seek a quick divert, For that is the way. Repair what is wrong, And grow what is right, It may take long,... Continue Reading →

Path To Forgiveness

A lucrative deal, For a hale and happy heart, Can help you heal, But it is a work of art. You may feel the ripples, As you move along, Coming across as a hard riddle, Make sure you are strong. The path to forgiveness, Not for the faint-hearted, Just like a litmus, Testing the unguarded.... Continue Reading →

Live Wire

Happy on the inside, A live wire indeed, Her happiness too infectious. The only dose that we need An unwavering faith, Facing the brighter side, Not engaging in the usual games, She bore all hardships with a smile. Standing up again, From the brutal knockouts, Inspiring one and all, A unique strength she brought out.... Continue Reading →

To Be A Survivor

Crossing familiar paths, A flashback of the old, An occasional necessity, To reshape the mold. Seeing it all again, Why concede defeat, A long way to go, Though the path is incomplete. To be a strong surviver, It means a lot, As good as a nifty winner, Getting to the right spot. @ 2022 Shreya... Continue Reading →

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