Live Wire

Happy on the inside, A live wire indeed, Her happiness too infectious. The only dose that we need An unwavering faith, Facing the brighter side, Not engaging in the usual games, She bore all hardships with a smile. Standing up again, From the brutal knockouts, Inspiring one and all, A unique strength she brought out.... Continue Reading →

Best Mate

Be your own friend, It is not too late, It is only you until the end, So be a best mate. Lay off the negative self-talk, You are your best cheer, Building confidence in your walk, Grinning from ear to ear. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, And an excellent movie, It seems you are... Continue Reading →

Top Five Things I Tell Myself

For Dr Tanya's 5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022 Here are my top five: I am loved by my family and have a great circle of friends. (Truly grateful to them for being there always.)I am a strong individual with my own thoughts and beliefs.I can follow my dreams and one day I... Continue Reading →

Difficult Move

To a delayed start, In this cosmopolitan city, Filled with the quick-witted and the smart, Looking at me with pity. On the move for so long, This peripatetic lifestyle, Will I finally get along, Lagging behind in some style. A change so difficult, It is a miracle indeed, Strangers now friends, Always there in need.... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Prompt 7: What Makes You Laugh

For Daily Prompt: What Makes You Laugh Fun conversations with parents. Reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.SAnimal videos (especially cats and kittens)Random Instagram reels - my guilty pleasure nowadays :pSometimes, I even laugh it out when I am stressed. Distraction helps too think more clearly it seems. As quoted by Lord Byron, "Always laugh when you can. It... Continue Reading →

The Know-It-All

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Like Hermione, She is in her favourite place, Pre-reading the syllabus, In the remaining holidays. Is it so absurd, She wondered often, To be aptly prepared, For a school so foreign. Tired and upset, From her schoolmates' dislike, Did they feel humiliated, With her answers right. Singled out all the... Continue Reading →

Life’s Centre

Like needle and thread, Stitched always together, A friendship like no other, Best friends forever. Like peas to a carrot, Never away from each other, This lovable relationship, Is my life's centre. @ 2021 Shreya Shah

Surprise Party

Tired and breathless, Working for hours, Planning a surprise party, Indeed a task. Six years old today, Have a lot in mind, Is it "Frozen" or "Avenger", You better guess in time. Decorating to perfection, Is the expectation, Cake and costume, To the theme we presume. A princess dress, Thor or Hulk, They have their... Continue Reading →

Real Love

Certainty over hesitation, Deep conversations over small talk, Willingness over reticence, Beginning over ending. Hope over worry, Letting go over holding on, Acceptance over denial, Together over alone. A home with the special one, Over a lonely palace, Imperfect reality over perfect dream, Forever and always the only choice. @ 2021 Shreya Shah

Friends Forever

This is a special post dedicated to my best friends, my girl gang, who is been there always through thick and thin! A crazy but loving bunch of girls, we have had some great times and moments to cherish always! Like stars that shine, They have stayed with me, The relationship with the real ones,... Continue Reading →

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