October A to Z Prompt (#JCRA2Z) – Supernatural

The letter for the today is “S” and the word for the day is, “Supernatural” Some tips for the A2Z prompt series: Do not forget to use #JCRA2Z while you share your posts.There is no limit on the word count.Please keep the content original.You can write a prose/poem using the prompt or you can write... Continue Reading →

Perfect Fake

Stuck between reality and delusion, The sub-conscious mind tries to break, But a struggle it seems to come out, From the hypnotic state. An easier escape from truth, The heart needs more than ever, But why go for the quick fix, Says the cautionary storyteller. Out with pretentious act, And get the game going, Don't... Continue Reading →

Lost But Found

Loved these beautiful lyrics, "So if I can't get close to youI'll settle for the ghost of youBut I miss you more than life" -"Ghost" by Justin Bieber For: Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Your absence makes me hollow, Ever lost in the times we spent, Wishing for a happy tomorrow, Want to live the life... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Reminiscence

For my grandfather, Memories come and go, In bits and pieces, As I mend it to show, A beautiful release. Like a kaledioscope, I see a beautiful memory, Giving me love and hope, Rebuilding my identity. Just a small wave, was it? A few years ago, I treasured it in my deepest pits, Letting me... Continue Reading →

Power of Dance

I heard the music as I entered the room, But all that was there was a record, Dishing out romantic tunes to croon, As I made my way of my own accord. I danced liked nobody is watching, Losing myself to the exquisite tunes, Nodding along and swaying, On a pleasant afternoon. Giving away all... Continue Reading →

Flawed Vision

A little quirky, A little off-beat, Choose your imperfection, That makes you complete. Be decisive, Be stubborn, For the hardest choices, Are correct but sudden. Not a fairytale, Nor picture-perfect, Life is unpredictable, Waiting for you to reconnect. © 2021 Shreya Shah

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