A slight nervousness, But a lot more excitement, Stepping out in the city, On my ladybird. A trip that was long due, To my favourite city, All thanks to my benefactor. I got out of the shell. Alone - the new definition, Of beautiful and strong, Full of opportunities, With no worry of going wrong.... Continue Reading →

Seven Stars

Exciting and scared, The first day of college, A step out in the world, To rediscover and rebalance. Tiniest of relaxations, To let go of the uniform, Who knew I would meet, My seven lucky stars. Was it just a simple hi, Or a playful hide-and-seek, That got us talking, Becoming BFF's for life. Different... Continue Reading →

Conversations with You

You know all my secrets, Privy to all the conversations, My best friend for life, You hear with no judgements. Pouring myself out, Into your coloured pages, You are the better part of my day, My all-time favourite listener. A notebook of love and friendship, You know my vulnerabilities, Studying me like no other, You... Continue Reading →

Forgetful Mind

A blessing or a curse, Difficult to decide, But it helps me let go, Surviving the present times. A unique gift, From the one above, Should I feel grateful, For forgetting my recent miseries? © 2021 Shreya Shah

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