To Be A Survivor

Crossing familiar paths, A flashback of the old, An occasional necessity, To reshape the mold. Seeing it all again, Why concede defeat, A long way to go, Though the path is incomplete. To be a strong surviver, It means a lot, As good as a nifty winner, Getting to the right spot. @ 2022 Shreya... Continue Reading →

Morning Ritual

An early morning ritual, Now a daily chore, A fresh start to the day, To calm the internal war. Who more than me, A better candidate for this, Moving along everyday, Is gradual improvement hard to miss? Starting from the head, Taking the spiritual path, A deep dive in meditation, To know one's forecast. A... Continue Reading →

The Right Key

This is your chance, Take it or leave it, You can step back or advance, The key is to admit. Time has passed, Acceptance is all you need, Don't be afraid to be last, You are good at your own speed. Feeling lame or out of place, Isn't it just a phase? Creating your own... Continue Reading →

The Only Way

Don't hold on but do let go, Only ones that stay will grow, Honest and frank not the deal today, Why is it misunderstood every way? Careless of one's feelings, They mind their own beings, Is it the world's way now? Shouldn't it be disallowed? Feeling perplexed, are you? But this is not new, Survival... Continue Reading →

The Know-It-All

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Like Hermione, She is in her favourite place, Pre-reading the syllabus, In the remaining holidays. Is it so absurd, She wondered often, To be aptly prepared, For a school so foreign. Tired and upset, From her schoolmates' dislike, Did they feel humiliated, With her answers right. Singled out all the... Continue Reading →

Breathing Interval

A customary visit every year, An offline break in this social world, Refresh the thoughts like never before, A disconnected place for peace & tranquility. Focused on the present and now, A must refuel this time of the year, To move away from the ungainly things, And the insecurities felt so long. Clearer thoughts in... Continue Reading →

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