Breathing Interval

A customary visit every year, An offline break in this social world, Refresh the thoughts like never before, A disconnected place for peace & tranquility. Focused on the present and now, A must refuel this time of the year, To move away from the ungainly things, And the insecurities felt so long. Clearer thoughts in... Continue Reading →

Conversations with You

You know all my secrets, Privy to all the conversations, My best friend for life, You hear with no judgements. Pouring myself out, Into your coloured pages, You are the better part of my day, My all-time favourite listener. A notebook of love and friendship, You know my vulnerabilities, Studying me like no other, You... Continue Reading →

Perfect Fake

Stuck between reality and delusion, The sub-conscious mind tries to break, But a struggle it seems to come out, From the hypnotic state. An easier escape from truth, The heart needs more than ever, But why go for the quick fix, Says the cautionary storyteller. Out with pretentious act, And get the game going, Don't... Continue Reading →

Social Facade

Surfing through Instagram stories, It seems all hunky-dory, Why do you feel a stillness, Wondering whether life is weary. Afraid of the social declivity, Do you feel the constant urge? To update a happy status, An artificial splurge. The emergence of this social network, Has it brought us close or taken all far? Life on... Continue Reading →

The Breakaway

Bound from all sides, Feeling like a prison, Stuck in the past, Take a break and listen. Time does not stop, But by the hour you heal, To survive in the now, So get up and deal. You need to look ahead, Losing what is left behind, Convey what is left unsaid, As a new... Continue Reading →

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