Caught Off Guard

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Lost in the pages, Those beautiful words, Bringing a smile on her face, She was caught off guard. The volume of the external, Not bothering her the least, Feeling more than alive, She felt the release. And as the pages turned, She waited with a bated breath, The characters too... Continue Reading →

Move On

For Fandango's Story Starter There was something about that song, That made me think of you all daylong, Waiting for you to come along, To the place that we belong. But you call me headstrong, Thinking that I have got it wrong, Is this your excuse to prolong, To be together lifelong? You won't miss... Continue Reading →

The Lengthy Wait

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, Feeling super and setting out for a walk, With no hint or a warning, Ready for the "talk." Over to the regular spot, Having spent many good times, He reached their on the dot, Would she read between the lines? A confidante for years, Would their friendship crumble? Every minute... Continue Reading →

Rise and Bloom is LIVE

I am happy to present my first solo poetry anthology - "Rise and Bloom". Rise and Bloom is an open-themed poetry anthology dealing with diverse topics like love, friendship, relationships, and solitude. Every individual goes through several emotions while dealing with different situations, good or bad, in their lives. It is at these exact moments... Continue Reading →

Adventure with Gale

For Thursday inspiration prompt Changing directions, It knows not where to go, Rattling windows announce presence, So that we are in the know. So many queries to ask, But does it have the time? Not wanting to stop on its path, Its' going away seems like a crime. Time passing speedily, Do we still have... Continue Reading →

New Life

Tiny fingers interlaced with me, Unexpected warmth, As the eyes meet, While I hold close, the new born. A reception awaits, And I don't want to let go, Wanting to love and protect, The one with the tiny toes. A closed one for life, I know now I have, To do only the correct, To... Continue Reading →


Choose to forgo, The rules of society, Letting her live, A gesture of reliability. Why give in? To the narrow-mindedness, Giving her the options, And showing kindness. Her playful nature, Lighting up each home, So isn't it your duty, To protect her from the unknown? Respect and care, Is all she asks, Knowing her sacrifices,... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Waiting for the right time, Will it ever be? He is the main protagonist, So better not flee. The decision is final, She is the one, Taking two steps at a time, He couldn't think of anyone. Standing right there, She looked into his eyes, Searching for something, She knows... Continue Reading →

The New Habitat

The scent of a new place, Lingering around for long, Communicating with the unseen, It lets you come along. The brain is all fizzy, With the "new house" syndrome, In unknown surroundings, You want to feel at home. A distant train horn sounds, And you expect new arrivals, As family and friends gathers, To give... Continue Reading →

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